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Why Open Space?


Open Space Education, founded in 2021, is Richmond's only nonprofit dedicated to nurturing young minds through a unique fusion of art education and nature-based learning. We believe that every child deserves equitable access to the wonders of the natural world, and that fostering creativity and critical thinking is essential for their development in an ever-changing world.

Open Space fills critical gaps in Richmond's educational landscape. The pandemic heightened the need for creative, outdoor, and holistic education. Our programs are an antidote to the increased stress, excessive screen time, and reduced socialization that have impacted children's mental health. By teaching outside, we provide a safe, stimulating, and flexible environment that enhances physical and emotional well-being. Studies show that spending time outdoors improves health, cognitive functions, motor coordination, and social skills.



of students felt more confident after their Open Space class


felt inspired to take better care of the earth after their Open Space class


of young people felt their Open Space class increased their interest in art and nature


said that they learned or tried something new in their Open Space class

Our Lasting Impact


The evidence is clear: time spent in nature and engaging with the arts has a profound impact on children's holistic development. Research consistently shows that outdoor experiences enhance cognitive abilities, reduce stress, improve social skills, and boost overall well-being. Likewise, arts education contributes to academic achievement, emotional intelligence, and a deeper sense of cultural appreciation. 

At Open Space Education, we believe in the power of education to shape the lives of young individuals and the trajectory of our communities. Our programs go beyond academic learning, instilling essential life skills and fostering a sense of wonder, resilience, and adaptability. By providing transformative experiences that integrate art, nature, and community, we empower students to become active participants in their own learning journey and prepare them for a future where creativity, innovation, and environmental stewardship are paramount.

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