Classes include all materials and snacks

We follow all CDC and local guidelines, class sizes are kept small

No experience necessary!

Sliding scale available - just ask



In Leicia Miles' class, REAL LAYERS, students tell their own stories through layering paint, collage, stamps, found objects, and natural elements. Students practice foundational sketching, drawing, and painting, and alter projects by adding everyday materials to build dimension and meaning. Learn about composition, proportion, color theory, light and shadow. How can you express your own stories and interests through color, texture, and layering? Held outside and after-school for JL Francis students.

Leicia Miles | Oct 5- Nov 9 | Tu | 3:30-5:30 pm | Ages 9-12



Merenda Cecelia | October 9 + 16 | Sat | 2-5 pm | Ages 5-8

In Merenda Cecelia's class, CREATURES IN THE CLAY, take a closer look at how animals have served as symbols and guides throughout history. By sculpting small animals out of clay, learn the meanings and powers behind some of these historical animal figures and how they inspired people of the past, such as ancient Egyptian, South Asian, and Chinese cultures. Also learn more about your own connections to animals and what special meanings they hold for you. Work with various clay including traditional clay and kiln-fired faience, an ancient self-glazing ceramic material.  Work will be available for pick up the following week.

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Give + Take; Nature Based Art

Dee Robertson | October 5 - November 9 |Tue | 12-1:30 | Binford Students

In Dee Robertson’s GIVE + TAKE: NATURE-BASED ART, we’ll take resources from nature to create art, while thinking of ways to give back to nature through collaboration and art. How do art and nature give and take from one another? Can we give and take at the same time? 


Go on urban hikes in the neighborhood surrounding Binford to explore and collect materials. Projects include making your own art supplies, like paint, paintbrushes, and paper from natural materials, as well as reimagining the green space behind the school.