Classes include all materials and snacks

We follow all CDC and local guidelines, class sizes are kept small

No experience necessary!

Sliding scale available - just ask


TREE TALK (grades K-3)

Dee Robertson loves trees. In her class, TREE TALK, students focus on tree identification and creative representation of nature as an explorative adventure. Hike, sketch, and paint along open green spaces, concentrating on one or two trees each week as an active scavenger hunt. What do trees have to say? How do we recognize and identify them? How do we represent them through art?

Dee Robertson | June 22-July 8 | Tu/Th | 10-12pm | Grades K-3



Ariel Maloof uses her creative spirit to rethink and repurpose materials, transforming them through the art process. In her offering, SCULPTURE THROUGH DISCOVERIES, students explore open spaces throughout the city to collect found objects from the material world and elements from nature, and construct multi-dimensional works of art. Lessons go beyond repurposing to include discussions about composition, biodegradability, plant identification, and the interconnectedness of our environment. 

Ariel Maloof | July 26-30 | M-F | 10-12pm | Grades 4-6



Sam Page was amazed by the discovery that they could print with the sun. The cyanotype printing process added a new layer to Sam’s practice of cultivating light and love through artistry. In their class, Keep On the Sunny Side: Cyanotype Field Notes, students use the natural world and urban landscape around them to curate and compile a visual journal of experiences, feelings, and findings. Maintain a daily cyanotype printing practice alongside journaling, collecting, and reflecting. How will you document each day through your art? What does it look and feel like to work in harmony with the sun? 


Sam Page | July 15-August 19 | Th | 10-12pm | Grades 4-6


Real Layers: the Mixed Media Process

Leicia Miles enjoys dimensional work. She is interested in how textured, multilayered artwork captivates the viewer and tells a story.  In her class, Real Layers, students tell their own stories through layering paint, collage, stamps, found objects, and natural elements. Practice foundational sketching, drawing, and painting. Alter projects by adding everyday materials to build dimension and meaning. Learn about composition, proportion, color theory, light and shadow. How can you express your own stories and interests through color, texture, and layering?  How can you develop your own style through mixed media art?

Leicia Miles | September 14 - August 19 | Tu | 4-6 pm | Grades 4-6


Dream Play: Art+Writing Inspired by Dreams

Aijung Kim | September 15 - October 20 | W | 5-6 pm | Grades 7-10 

Aijung Kim’s lifelong fascination with dreams and her practice of combining visual art with language, inspired her idea for the class, DREAM-PLAY: ART + WRITING INSPIRED BY DREAMS. In this class, observe the world around you in the daytime and recall the worlds of your nighttime dreams to inspire your artwork and creative writing.


During the class, you will keep a notebook dedicated to recording your dreams. If you can’t remember your dreams yet, you will learn how. Make a handmade Dream Sketchbook to collect rich and strange imagery and ideas. Write poetry and stories that are drawn from dream situations and characters. Learn ways to interpret symbols. Create drawings and paintings inspired by your dream world! 


Creatures in the Clay

Merenda Cecelia | October 9 + 16 | Sat | 2-5 pm | Grades K-2

Merenda Cecelia's artistic process includes gaining insight from nature’s messengers. In her class, CREATURES IN THE CLAY, take a closer look at how animals have served as symbols and guides throughout history, coming to our aid when we’re in need. By sculpting small animals out of clay, learn the meanings and powers behind some of these historical animal figures and how they inspired people of the past, such as ancient Egyptian, South Asian, and Chinese cultures. Also learn more about your own connections to animals and what special meanings they hold for you. Work with various clays including traditional clay and kiln-fired faience, an ancient self-glazing ceramic material.  Work will be available for pick up the following week.



Lily Lamberta of All the Saints Theater Company is most recognized for founding the Halloween Parade, and has brought radical street puppetry to Richmond, VA since 2006. In their class, LARGE SCALE PUPPETRY + MASK MAKING, students learn the tricks of the trade and experience the ancient form of puppetry energized by community and collaboration. Learn how to construct wearable masks, massive puppets, and flatso puppets using recycled cardboard, paper mache, fabric, paint, and natural materials, in the All the Saints fashion. Work individually on masks, and in collaboration as a group to create one giant puppet for this year's Halloween Parade!

Lily Lamberta | August 10-19 | Tu/W/Th | 12-3pm | Grades 4-9


(grades 7-9)

Syd Collier is the creator of Roots Holistic & Roots Tea Blends. In her class, students get hands-on experience with herbs and learn how to create using dried plant material as their medium. Possible creations include essential oil rollers, herbal balms, lavender eye pillows, and herbal tea blends. Students learn the basics of plant science; the structure of plant cells, roots, stems, leaves and flowering plants, as well as the process of photosynthesis and what conditions are needed for plants to grow. Each class is designed to touch on one of the five senses in order to continue to develop observation skills as well as stress management. 

Syd Collier | July 5-August 9 | M | 10-12pm | Grades 7-9


(grades 7-9)

Brooke Graham finds peace in the chaos of the global pandemic through macrame.  The creative possibilities and repetitiveness of making art out of macrame creates space to slow down, breathe, and think thoughtfully.  In her class, students practice mindfulness through the art of macrame.  Learn various knots and techniques to be utilized repetitively to create useful pieces such as market bags, plant hangers, and more. Incorporate things found in nature to make your own unique products that you can take home and use everyday.

Brooke Graham | July 19-23 | M-F | 10-12pm | Grades7-9


(grades 8-10)

Richmond’s first poet laureate and national slam poetry champion, Roscoe Burnems, collaborates with performance artist, Christina Leoni-Osion, to offer POETRY&MOTION, a multisensory experience of poetry as performance art. What is poetry as a performance art? What is the relationship between movement and language? How does being outside in nature influence the creative process? By writing poetry with motion in mind, students make connections between their words and actions. Working independently and collectively, students will build a visual aspect to language through prompts, discussion, and collaboration.


Roscoe Burnems & Christina Leoni-Osioni | June 24-July 29 | Th | 3-5:30pm | Grades 8-10


Botanical Watercolor Painting

Take a closer look at seasonal flora with artist Chrissy Baucom. In her class, students explore basic watercolor techniques such as flat wash, layering, and dry brush. Paint from the specialty gardens including ornamentals, herbs, and native species.


Chrissy Baucom | August 10-31 | Tu | 10-12pm | Ages 18+